Hair Loss Is Not a Problem Anymore

Hair Loss Is Not a Problem Anymore

I am going to tell you my hair horror story of bleaching process. But this process eventually turned out to be damaging my hair but I recovered it using Pelo Baum Hair Products.

I wanted to get my hair blonde. But salons were asking for a huge amount so I decided to do it on my own which was already a big mistake. It was a traumatic experience for me. I would only recommend not doing it on your own. Plus if you do not know how o do it righting, your hair could fall out. Be very careful when it comes to your hair as they are the most sensitive part of your body besides skin.

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When you bleach your hair, the pigments are yellow. So when you bleach your hair, you are cutting down the original color and putting another color onto it. After bleaching, you cannot get your actual hair color back until it grows down again. I bought this hair color, named Ash Brown; particularly all ash colors give your hair bluish tone. The pigment from bleach which is yellow and the hair color blue when combined with bluish color turned out to be a huge mess.  If you go back to kindergarten days, yellow and blue gives green color. And my hair literally went green in color.

At first I couldn’t believe it but then obviously I had to. I told my hair stylist to remove this color. So she bleached my hair again. This time the hair color was gone completely and I got a caramel brown hair dye on my hair. It was nice and fine. But a few days later, my hair started going rough due to twice bleaching process. My friend suggested me of Pelo Baum Hair Products as she has been using these for two years. So I bought Pelo Baum Hair Revitalizing Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Solution from this website and used it for two weeks. In this period, my hair not only became silky but I observed, every time I applied it on my hair, my hair fall was lesser than before.

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